I'm Telling You Now


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I am the “one in four women who will experience sexual violence in their lifetime,” I am a survivor of rape. I tell my story because it is not a secret. I did nothing wrong and, if I tell you, we share the responsibility and the weight of it. I don't have to shoulder it all by myself any longer.

I'm Telling You Now emphasizes the power of secrets and the way that we keep them — because of the shame and the fear that we are somehow responsible.

When I shared this book during my BFA show, women came up to me and told me their stories, right there in the gallery. Women called me days later and told me their stories. They said things like, "I've never told anyone, but I know you will understand." And by telling each other our stories, I realized in those moments that we were taking away the power of the people who hurt us.

I’m Telling You Now was first shown in “Always Reborn” and was then chosen for “BookOpolis 2011” at Asheville Bookworks.

Original photograph by the artist. Archival inkjet printing on Rives BFK. Edition of 10.


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