26 Charging Stations


A contemporary response to Ed Ruscha's 26 Gasoline Stations

26 Charging Stations is a contemporary response to Ed Ruscha's seminal artist book 26 Gasoline Stations.


26 Charging Stations features photographs of electric car charging stations taken from the rural areas of Portland, Oregon, to the Central Valley of California, to the tech hubs in Silicon Valley.


From underground parking garages at hospitals to suburban libraries, from shopping malls to truck stops, electric charging stations are both interesting and mundane; democratic and elitist. 


26 original images with an additional section of photos of signage and symbols. 54 pages. Printed on Epson Premium Presentation Paper with archival inkjet inks. Coptic bound with hard covers. ©2014


Edition of 26 with custom slipcase, $250.

Edition of 5 with custom box with neon title, $500.



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