The Bees Have Been Brought to Their Knees


According to the USDA there is no crisis

Colony Collapse Disorder is the sudden die off of 30 to 90 percent of bees in a hive with no readily obvious explanation.


According to the USDA in 2008, "There is no crisis."

At the same time, the English honey harvest was half of the normal level, and American farmers are worrying whether there will be enough bees to pollinate their crops.


The Bees Have Been Brought to Their Knees features two accordion-fold books. One explores the importance of honey bees in our agricultural system, and the other explores the potential causes currently identified, including a chemical worth billions in sales to its manufacturer.


Two accordion-fold books with archival inkjet printing on vellum on kozo paper handmade by the artist; three vials with images and pellets embedded in beeswax; presented in a vintage USDA Color Standards Measurements device. Unique Artists book.




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