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The usual and unusual we stuff in our pockets

Pockets - Ginger Burrell
Pockets - Ginger Burrell
Pockets - Ginger Burrell

What do you carry in your pockets every day?


This book explores the usual and unusual that we stuff in our pockets as we go about our daily lives. Each photograph, tucked in a pocket, has the comments of the pocket owner on the reverse.


From Blackberries and i-Phones to dog treats and kleenex, each of the twelve pockets is a capsule of a particular moment in time.


Pockets was chosen for the "Student Works" show at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, and "Polyglot: Expressive Media in Book Arts" at the Gualala Art Center.


Accordion fold book made of recycled blue jeans and pockets. Archival inkjet printing on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, soft gloss finish. Accessorized with a custom made belt closure. Edition of 5,  $250.

{Sold Out}


Thanks for contributed pocket contents photos to Bryce Wolfson, Dotti Cichon, Ginnie Mickelson (and Nikkers & Jelly Bean), Greg Burrell, Kent Manske, Kit Davey, Linda Stinchfield, Pati Bristow and Samantha Flaherty.



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