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King George


How long will we face the consequences?

King George - Ginger Burrell
King George - Ginger Burrell
King George - Ginger Burrell

In September 2001, for a fleeting moment the majority of the world was united in the common purpose of defending humanity and defeating terror.


President Bush chipped away at this solidarity. His behavior, words, and policies affected not only the American people, but also the citizens of the larger world.


As we passed the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, we wondered how long will we suffer the consequences of President Bush and his choices? What was at first a funny book has become a worrisome reminder.


King George was chosen for the "From Sham to Shame" show at the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago in 2007. King George was also selected for the "6th Annual Juried Book Arts Exhibit" at Bright Hill Press in New York in 2007.


Unique mixed media artist's book. Tin, playing cards, polymer clay. Archival inkjet printing of presidential quotes on vellum. Accordion fold jump ring construction. $300.


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