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The beauty of a simple rock

Rocks - Ginger Burrell
Rocks - Ginger Burrell
Rocks - Ginger Burrell
Rocks - Ginger Burrell

We walk by them, over them, on them every day. But until we stop and pick them up, touch them and get them wet, we forget the beauty of a simple rock.


In a time when most experiences come from viewing rather than doing, this piece reminds us of the joy of simple and abundant objects while at the same time exploring what it takes to make a thing what it is.


What makes a rock a rock? Is a photo of a rock a rock? Is a cube with rock photos a rock? Is a rock on a screen a rock?


A Japanese stab-bound book features an exploration of the shape and form of rocks and the interaction between them. Rock cubes and real rocks collected in Northern California allow the viewer to become an active participant.


Rocks was chosen for the "Boxy Books" show atAbecedarian Gallery in Denver and "BookOpolis: Memory Palaces" at Asheville Bookworks.


Original photographs by the artist. Archival inkjet printing on Wausau Royal Fiber with handmade Kozo covers. Cover and wooden cube photos printed on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, soft gloss finish. Presented in a wooden box with 12 rocks cubes and 16 rocks collected from Agate Beach, CA. Edition of 5.


{One copy remaining. Please contact Vamp and Tramp to purchase.}



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