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Assume the Position


Oculus Series

Assume the Position - Ginger Burrell
Assume the Position - Ginger Burrell

Assume the Position was sparked by a trip to Denver. I walked into a full body scanner at airport security and was asked to stand with my feet apart and my arms held up. At that point I realized that we’ve become both victims and assumed criminals in choosing to travel by air.


We are holding not only the position that a robber would demand, “put ‘em up,” but also the position of body searches commanded by the police, “put your hands above your head and spread ‘em.”


To capture these feelings I photographed people with their hands up from behind and then used digital manipulation to alter the images to evoke the x-rays to which we are now subjected. Finally, I added text with sayings that a TSA agent, a police officer and a criminal might say to any of us.


Assume the Position is printed with archival inkjet on Rives BFK and is an accordion fold with pop-up text.  ©2013. Edition of 25, $150.


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