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Ode to Anna Atkins


Cyanotypes of Northern California flowers

Ode to Anna Atkins - Ginger Burrell
Ode to Anna Atkins - Ginger Burrell

Arguably the first photographic Artist Book, Anna Atkin‘s British Algae (1843), is still a vibrant and beautiful example of the beginning of photographic processes. 

Ode to Anna Atkins is my homage to women artists in general and Anna Atkins in particular.


Anna Atkins was raised by her scientist father and was encouraged from an early age in making images with a scientific theme - first in drawings and engravings and later with photography. Her friendship with William Fox Talbot gave her access to the “photogenic drawing technique” in which an object is placed on paper coated with light sensitive emulsion (now called cyanotype). Some say that Anna Atkins was the first female photographer.


Fourteen cyanotypes of Northern California flowers on Rives BFK in an envelope fan book. Edition of 10.


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