Golden Gate Fog


A visual and aural journey

Long an icon of San Francisco, the Golden Gate bridge evokes the romance of a time of art deco beauty and the building of grand ideas. Viewed in fog, it becomes mysterious and hints of images and stories just out of reach.


In Golden Gate Fog, the viewer listens to the rhythmic music of the ocean and fog horn recorded while the photos were taken, while viewing San Francisco as seen through a silken curtain of fog.


Journey along the coast, through the Presidio and to various viewpoints of the bridge as you imagine the feel of the cool fog on your skin.


Golden Gate Fog was included in the "Design Book Art" show at the Environmental Design Library, UC Berkeley.


Original photographs by the artist. Archival inkjet printing on acid free cardstock; post bound. Presented with soundscape recording by Greg Burrell. Edition of 25, $150.



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