Breathe for Those Who Cannot


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My work often deals with difficult issues such as death, violence, and political negligence. I am always impressed at the resilience of the human spirit, especially creativity. No matter the pain, suffering, anger or despair, humans cannot help but create. 

Breathe for Those Who Cannot speaks of the long history of destroying art, knowledge and intellect. Inevitably people in power feel threatened by communication, education and emotional connection. It is my hope that by continuing to be creative and, when necessary recreative, we will not only honor those who have lost their lives, but also eventually defeat the idea that destroying books and art, writers and artists, readers and intellectuals is an acceptable way to gain power.


I imagined the remains of the car-bombed books on Al-Mutanabbi Street. After tearing and burning books of many languages I reassembled them into new books. Not separated into language or topic but rather as multi-lingual volumes of humanity and multicultural creativity. Bound together with the poem I wrote for the project, Breathe for Those Who Cannot is dedicated to those who continue to create, especially those who do so in fear of their own lives.


Edition of 10, found content with unique covers. ©2013

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Created for the Al-Mutanabbi Street Project

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