Viewed as windows - we look to them for clues

Eyes are viewed as windows - we look to them for clues to a person's emotional state, their response to our actions, and their true self behind the social facade.


EYES is a photographic experiment in the expressive potential of a single eye. Each image in this book captures an eye in the moment of expression - joy, fear, concern, puzzlement, happiness. In combination, the eyes become pixels, elements of a larger image.


This book includes hand-made wooden eye cubes that provide a tactile and interactive experience using eyes as design and narrative building blocks.


EYES was chosen for "The Art of the Book" show at the San Francisco Center for the Book, "Boxy Books" at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, and "Bay Area Book Artists" at Olive Hyde Gallery.


Original photographs by the artist. Archival inkjet printing on acid free cardstock; hand bound in case binding. Cover and wooden cube photos printed on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, matte finish. Presented in a wooden box with 25 eye cubes. Edition of 10.


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